FAQ: Promoting Innovations & Innovators

FAQ: Promoting Innovations & Innovators


Q. What prompted EFY to launch this initiative?
A. With a deluge of press releases announcing new products, we felt that the truly innovative tech were becoming the proverbial needle in the hay-stack. Hence, through this initiative titled Promoting Innovations & Innovators, Electronics For You team hopes to change that—and make sure that truly innovative tech get their due recognition. Refer Here for the official announcement.

Q. Are there any costs involved?
A. No, this is a complete free of cost service for the tech industry and community.

Q. What are the benefits? What’s the catch?
A. Truly innovative tech will be published on our websites, listed on our social media channels, and provided a free platform to demonstrate to an increasingly global audience of our online-online event: India Technology Week @Home.

The Catch: We will award this recognition only to those innovations whose teams are eager, open and willing to engage with the tech community, and are able to impress them through our platform: India Technology Week aka Tech World Congress.

Q. So, is this like an award recognising innovative tech?
A. Yes, and no. It’s more like a recognition (certification) for truly innovative tech. And, we have attempted to eliminate the element of bias or sponsorship by including the community-phase, where the innovators engage and impress the tech community.

Q. What are the features/facilities of the e-Booth provided?|
A. All features of a Standard Booth (refer to tariff for details) are there except Download of Database of visitors. Plus, only one exhibit can be exhibited, which is the selected Truly Innovative solution.

Q. What if we have two or more nominations for Truly Innovative Tech?
A. In that case, you can ask the EFY team to enable you to display both together. Or better still, you may want to exhibit each in subsequent editions to maximise your publicity and engagement with techies. We leave that decision to you.

Q. How can we demonstrate our solution to the visitors of our e-Booth?
A. An e-Booth at [email protected] comes with the option to link to any web-based conferencing solution. You can use that link to do LIVE demos to the audience.

Q. What will our e-booth look like? Is it same as Standard e-Booth? What are the elements that need to set-up our e-Booth?
A. Your e-Booth will be same as any other e-Booth at India Technology Week. All e-Booths at ITW are DIY (do it yourself), and hence your team can set them up within an hour.

  1. We’ve created a checklist of all elements that you’ll need. You can view and download it by clicking here.
  2. We’ve also published a list of Tips on how to ensure successful engagement with techies
  3. Plus, you can view this presentation to see how does the entire online-only event, its halls, and it’s e-Booths look like, to our audiences.

Q. Do we have to pay for the e-Booth?
A. No. As mentioned, all services are free from our side to promote this Truly Innovative solution.

Q. Why has the Download of Database been restricted?
A. Because, our primarily goal behind offering the free e-booth besides the publicity is to create an opportunity for our visitors to engage with the teams behind this innovation.

Q. What if we want to demonstrate other solutions too through our e-Booth?
A. Then, you will need to buy the Upgrade options.

Q. What is the profile of audience that visits [email protected]?
A. [email protected] is a B2B tech event and its audiences comprises of the following segments:
1. Creators of Tech
2. Manufacturers of Tech
3. Profiteers of Tech
4. Business Decision Makers of Tech
For a more detailed understanding, please refer to our post-show report.

Q. Is there an opportunity to speak too?
A. We do have a parallel conference and DIY sessions. There are two different options to speak here:
1. Talk to Peers: These are talks where you speakers shares knowledge with peers—and are routed through our content team. If interested, write to us at [email protected] and our content team will share the Themes of the Month, and if there’s an alignment—they will facilitate the speaking slot.
2. Talk to Customers: These are sponsored talks, and here our sales teams get involved. They will share the commercials and standard deliverables.

Q. What type of products or solutions can be nominated?
A. Any type of products, services or solutions that are tech-based can be nominated. One important factor is that they should be commercially available in the market.

Q. How can we nominate our solution?
A. You can file your nomination through this web-based form.

Q. Who does the review and selection?
A. All entries are reviewed by members of our editorial team that drive our websites: ElectronicsForU.com., ProfitFromIoT.com , ElectronicsB2B.com, and our publications: Electronics For You, Electronics Bazaar and Open Source For You.

Q. How much time for the review and sharing of results?
A. We aim to revert within 7 working days. However, we are not liable to explain the reasons for rejection or acceptance of any nominations.

Q. Can you provide a NUTSHELL view of the entire process?
A. Sure, here it is…

    Either WE select your Innovation
    YOU file its nomination through the online form AND it gets approved by our team
    Your team demonstrates your innovation to our tech community through our ‘online only’ event
    Our team will promote the presence of your Tech as a nominated Truly Innovative Tech across our channels
    Our team monitors the engagement and buzz created (and for any negative feedback)
    If your team succeeds through the above phases–we will award your innovation with a Certificate stating that it’s a Truly Innovative Tech judged by the team at Electronics For You and the tech community at large

    Plus, we will publish the same on our LinkedIn channels, Facebook communities and our website: www.electronicsforu.com

    From a Balance Sheet perspective, you would earn publicity worth approx US$ 5,000 (or more)!

Q. What are the types of innovative tech solutions that don’t qualify for this initiative?
A. While we would like to recognise all types of truly innovative tech solutions, but due to limitations at our end, we will not be able to entertain nominations of Conceptual or In-the-lab innovations. This initiative is restricted to only those tech solutions, which are out in the market–and customers can assess.

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