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Every month, our journalists receive hundred of press-releases for new products launched across the globe. Most of them feature ‘me-too’ products or products with slight improvements. Nothing worth writing about. Thankfully, this down-pour also contains a trickle of products that are truly innovative. Ones that can enable techies to solve problems–better, faster or cheaper.

The Challenge. The Opportunity.

We reviewed products featured in the last 5 years, across our websites and publications, and realised:

  1. We need to do a better job of identifying the innovations, and not get confused by the deluge of mundane announcements being thrown at us by well-oiled PR teams
  2. We need to highlight these innovations–make them stand out from the rest
  3. If possible, provide a platform for teams behind these innovative solutions to present their solutions to those who need them–so that there is a dialogue between the innovators and the early adopters.

Launching ‘Truly Innovative

To solve this issue, Electronics For You team has decided to come up with a monthly list of Innovative Products & Solutions titled EFY’s Truly Innovative, and publish the same on their flagship website: And, then—there’s more! EFY will also provide a platform for the teams behind these innovative products to demonstrate their solutions to their target audiences through India Technology Week—world’s leading ‘online only’ expo-cum-conference on tech. The e-booth that costs US$ 350 will be provided free-of-cost to the innovating team for a month.

Hence, if you believe you have a truly innovative solution—do fill up this form, and we will get back to you within 2 working days.

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